Corporate Rentals – Interior Design


Pre-furnished condos are popular corporate rentals with professional and frequent travelers. Corporate rentals provide a complete home without the hassle of having to decorate, buy furnishings and all the household essentials, when guests will only be staying in residence for a relatively short period of time.


Of course, no home is complete without decorating and hotel rooms and many fully furnished condo options can lack the “hominess” desired by guests if there isn’t at least some level of décor involved. We take our decorating cues from professionals, using apps and websites like Houzz, Better Homes and Gardens and Elle Décor, who provide the latest trends for 2016 here.


corporate_rentals_Portland_SuiteWe try to create a unique guest experience at Urban Flats Toronto. From the outset, every corporate rental has its own exclusive name and décor; this provides character and variety to our portfolio. We help our guests to select the appropriate suite for their specific needs and personal tastes and will provide them with almost anything they need during their short term stay in Toronto to make them feel more “at home”. Our popular Portland suite is shown left.




corporate_rentals_Summit_SuiteArt – Having lovely art adorning the walls is one effective way to make a corporate rental feel more like home. Our founder, Lee-Anne, typically takes her design inspiration for a particular suite from a piece of art. She aims to strike a balance between personality and style when choosing the paintings, pictures and prints for the walls, trying to appeal to a broad range of traveling professionals. Take a look at the stunning Summit penthouse suite.



corporate_rentals_Elation_SuiteFurnishings – From there, we select complementary furnishings and décor items to create a tasteful yet cozy and functional space. We choose furnishings with an urban and modern style to match our intended audience of guests, but also products that are durable and will wear well. We add pillows, throws and tchotchkes to make the corporate rental suite feel more like home. We choose items of a reasonable quality and price, so it’s an easy decision to replace stained or worn out items between guests. Our goal is to deliver high quality suites and help our guests feel comfortable in their home-away-from-home. Here’s our cozy Elation suite.



corporate_rentals_Serenity_SuiteMirrors –We strategically place mirrors throughout our corporate rentals. Mirrors do a great deal for your home – they add light by reflecting light sources throughout the room, and they also make smaller rooms feel larger. Framed mirrors can also be just as artistic and beautiful as framed prints. Check out this mirror in the Serenity suite.





When everything is said and done, decorating corporate rentals is not that different from decorating our own condos. It does require planning, creativity and careful shopping to ensure that we create spaces that appeal broadly to our guests and make them feel at home.


Please contact us here if you’d like to learn more about our Urban Flats Toronto properties offered as corporate rentals.