Urban condo – perfect for a holiday party?

Who doesn’t love holiday parties? If you’re staying with us in an urban condo while working on a project, the holidays may offer you the perfect opportunity to reciprocate the hospitality that your local co-workers have shown you during your stay. Living in a residential  urban condo offers benefits for hosting parties – great amenities available in your building and the opportunity to keep the mess out of your personal living space.


Click on photo for “How to stock a bar for your holiday party” SheKnows.com


Here are our five tips to ensure your holiday party is a success:


1) Plan well in advance, ensuring to book your condo’s party room and send out invitations to your guests with clear instructions on how guests will access the party room on arrival.


2) Serve holiday cheer. You can keep it simple with a selection of wine and local craft beer or take advice from Cooking Channel TV and serve mulled cider, hot chocolate, sparkling drinks or more festive seasonal cocktails for guaranteed fun at your holiday party. Here’s a link to their top cocktail recipes.


3) Ensure that your guests will be well fed. There are lots of great catering options in Toronto and supermarkets like Longos, Sobeys and Loblaws also offer cost-effective alternatives. Consider the top 50 catering options in Toronto, from BlogTO. Marigolds and Onions is a personal favorite.


4) Decorate for the occasion, respecting the urban condo’s rules with respect to live Christmas trees, which are prohibited in many buildings due to the risk of fire.


5) Provide sweet treats to delight your guests. Here is Toronto.com’s list of Best Holiday Treats and Desserts. Nadeqe Patisserie is an amazing French bakery and you can never go wrong with the tasty treats from Dufflet Pastries.


At Urban Flats Toronto, all of our urban condo locations have amazing venues for hosting the perfect holiday party. Check out the entertaining space on the 15th floor at 300 Front Street West which includes a Party Room/Lounge with Bar and Kitchen, a Theater, a Billiards Room, a Poker Room as well as a formal Dining Room and Kitchen.


300_Front_Street_Toronto_Urban_Condo 300_Front_Street_Toronto_Urban_Condo 300_Front_Street_Toronto_Urban_Condo 300_Front_Street_Toronto_Urban_Condo


Check out the amenities at all of our Urban Flats Toronto locations and get ready for your holiday party.